Constanza Castagnet
Buenos Aires, 1987.

Her work is related to the research and practice of voice and sound. With a strong self-taught impulse, she trained in music theory and vocal techniques with Barbara Togander, Julián Galay and Maria del Carmen Aguilar, among others. Recently, she studied at the Meredith Monk Foundation in New York, exploring different aspects of voice and movement.
In her musical projects, she is mainly interested in the interaction between abstract sound and human voice, questioning the idea of rightness, noise, digital, feminine and masculine. She works appropriating daily sounds, noise pollution, and field recordings, which she then juxtaposes among different uses of the voice.
At the same time, she is part of the musical trio Hermanas, who freely experiments with the structure of song through simple sounds, and layers of voice where the singing  is confused with murmur and speech.

She has a degree in communication and since 2012, she co-directs Labor, a publication of art and culture focused on work processes.

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