I am an Argentinean artist currently living in Amsterdam who works with sound, installations, writing, performance, and videos. I am interested in the voice as an instrument of resistance over its function to transmit and communicate meaning. Non-verbal and unclear forms of expression can spark the construction, imagination, or speculation of unusual settings questioning the limits of sense.
With a strong self-taught impulse, I was trained in music theory and vocal techniques as well as studying at Meredith Monk Foundation (NY, 2016), UNTREF (C.A.B.A, 2017), Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (C.A.B.A, 2019), and Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam, 2021).
My work has also been exhibited in Buenos Aires and Japan (2016 - Shibaura House Tokyo), South Korea (2017 - GCC Festival, Gyeonggi) Peru (2018 - Buffet de Ruidos, Lima).
At the same time, I have been giving workshops around sound and the use of extended vocal techniques. In 2021 I started among a group of colleagues, aux))), an inter-curricular platform supported by Sandberg Institute, that fosters experimental and border-crossing ways of making and thinking with sound. From 2012 till 2018 I co-directed Labor, a bilingual printed publication focused on work processes.

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