Born in 1987 in Buenos Aires she is graduated from Communications (2009)
Her work is related to the research and practice of voice and sound, dealing with spoken word, language, and unexplored vocal techniques in combination with abstract sound, electronic music and field recordings that usually take form as installations, performances, texts, compositions and/ or videos.
With a strong self-taught impulse, she trained in music theory and vocal techniques as well as studying at Meredith Monk Foundation (NY, 2016), UNTREF (2017) and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (2019).
During 2018 she was part of the Artists Program of the Torcuato Di Tella University and carried out the project “Coro de Hinchas" a research project for Proa21, coordinated by Acéfala Gallery, with the collaboration of the Vocal Ensemble of the UNTREF. Her work has also been exhibited in Japan (2016 - Shibaura House Tokyo), South Korea (2017 - GCC Festival, Gyeonggi) Peru (2018 - Buffet de Ruidos, Lima).
As a musician she has participated in several experimental concerts and perfomances including: Hyperlocal Festival, ArteBA, CCMatienzo, 90SCV.
At the same time, from  2012 she co-directs Labor, a bilingual publication focused on work processes.

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