Eventually everything becomes melody

Periodically artist Alan Segal sends me by mail assignments. From these instructions, we developed a series of short musical pieces. The recordings were made in our house, in order to execute the instructions, I must interact with elements of my everyday life, but in a different way. Routine and intimacy are the principles that drive this exchange.

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Generate a sequence of sounds.
The sequence should include the following sounds: - a glass cup rolling on a wooden table
- a spoon in a glass vessel
- a hand crawling on fabric
- a thin book falling on a voluminous book
- exhales
- a note from an instrument, executed very softly.

Record a monotone voice over this base. Record a second voice, this time free.


Take the book “Chamomile tea” by Katherine Mansfield. Read the poem pointed by the flap.
Create a tune for this poem.

Record three voices.
Record a voice that represents the present. Record a voice that represents the past. Record a voice that represents the future.

Think about an intimate Broadway musical. If there is any male name, replace it for Alan.


Press left to right each guitar notes located over the pearl points distributed along the guitar neck.
The duration of the notes must be equal.
If there is more than one point in the same fret, that note should last half.

Use this sequence as a base.

Record two voices following the lineal drawing above.