Vocal Equivalent

The project starts as a log journal in pursuit of new sound materials and extension of vocal tools.
Our daily experience is characterized by the presence of an infinity of sounds many of them product of some type of technology.
In this sense, the question is what would happen and the "voice" as one of the most expressive, recognizable and friendly mechanisms becomes an unrecognizable, mechanical mechanism giving rise to the voice as an object, with the intention of eliminating the subject.
For this purpose, during the last 2 years I made a series of videos taken at different times of the day, cities and environments where I documented some sounds that particularly caught my attention and were immersed in a specific sound environment. After the collection of videos was made, I met with composer Julian Galay to identify the very small units and dynamics of sound in each video, and then transformed it into a new vocal universe, as if someone asked me, what do you hear? And the only way to answer the question was the voice, without language.
In the project, the videos are played with the vocal sound completely replacing the original sounds in the sonic filed of each piece.

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